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For the past 15 years Set Free Ministry has been serving the community through the various ministries listed below touching one life at a time.

Our little ministry building is bursting at the seams and inadequate to meet the current and future ministry efforts. We need to raise $500,000 to make a move. Will you help us?

We are asking for your help to reach more hurting families right here in the Rogue Valley.

Take a few minutes to learn about the various ministries below. Perhaps there is one you’d like to get involved with or one that can serve you in some way. Maybe you have a family member or friend who needs to know about Set Free Ministry and what it has to offer the community.

Set Free Ministry


Set Free Ministry believes in prayer. We believe God started this ministry and He will be the one who blesses it. We are told that when we seek the Lord with all our hearts that He hears us and answers our prayers. Will you join with us in asking God to bless Set Free Ministry to provide all the resources we need to grow and touch the community with His love?


As the Lord leads you be generous. We read throughout God’s Word that He blesses those who give. He promises to open the floodgates of heaven to bless us when we give to His work. Giving can take many forms. Of course it can be money, but it can also be giving of food for the food pantry, clothes and household items for the homeless, unused items to sell to raise funds (think cars, RV’s, boats, jewelry, etc).

Get Involved:

Let’s not forget time and service. The giving of oneself brings incredible satisfaction. Even Jesus talked about how His “food” was doing God’s will. When we give of ourselves we give to ourselves the best gift we can give. By being part of a church or fellowship you bless others. By coming to a Christian 12-Step you give support and encouragement. By serving on a board of a non-profit organization you give of your wisdom and creativity. By seeking God’s leading you may start a new ministry that is much needed in our community.

Let Us Help:

If you want to talk to us about how you can make a difference we welcome your call. Let us pray together and seek God’s leading for your life. God wants to use all of us in His Kingdom work. Our phone is: (541) 773-4004. Our address is: 1032 W Main, Medford, Oregon. 97501

Set Free Ministry

Set Free Christian Fellowship

Set Free Christian Fellowship was Founded in July 1997 by Pastor Chad & Debi McComas. This non-denominational fellowship has been the birth place of all the ministries listed here under the Set Free Ministry banner. God’s original vision to Pastor Chad was to “set people free.” Using God’s Word as the foundation for the “truth” that Jesus taught, people are being set free from condemnation, shame, guilt and fear. Many are finding a new personal relationship with God that is refreshing and vibrant.

New Life Christian Fellowship

New Life Christian Fellowship joined Set Free Ministry in October 2005. New Life’s unique mission is to provide a safe, understanding environment for those coming to God out of their addictive lifestyle. Pastor Harold and his wife Dena Nelson have built this ministry one rescued soul at a time. Miracles take place at New Life! The Addiction Recovery Center allowed their in-house treatment participants the opportunity to come to church each week as part of their recovery program.

  • 541.773.4004

The Christian Journal

The Christian Journal newspaper is a monthly publication that Set Free acquired in 2000. Today The Christian Journal is a monthly paper with 18,000 in circulation in Southern Oregon and Northern California. The paper’s purpose is to communicate God’s love and grace to people; to inspire and to encourage. We also provide display ads to support Christian businesses, churches and ministries to promote their work. We send 300+ free papers to inmates across the country. The inmate subscriptions are a free program that is sponsored by our Light Walk Prison Ministry.

Pop Open Cards

These pop open cards are being used locally to encourage people with the Word of God and are being sold across the country. We are literally selling tens of thousands of these cards to excited individuals and institutions to use in their personal ministry work. The cards are designed with a printed promise from God’s Word that is only revealed when it is “popped” open. The recipient is touched and encouraged by God’s promise. We are told that God’s Word will not return void.

Rogue Retreat

Rogue Retreat Homeless Housing Ministry was started by Set Free in 1998, and today has 42 apartments for its program. Rogue Retreat has life-skill meetings on Monday evenings where our families meet to assess progress and get support in life skills and more. Lives are being changed and as a result some amazing people from Rogue Retreat are serving various local churches as well as the community because of the opportunities and grace they have received. These families are experiencing restoration as they submit to the program’s guidelines, leading to a more stable and Christ-centered life.

The SOZO Personal Healing Ministry

The SOZO (Personal Healing Ministry Sessions) on Friday nights, is one of our newest ministries and perhaps one of the most life-changing ones. We are seeing many emotional and spiritual healings take place in these sessions as people are being set free from past abuse, anger, fear and dysfunction. Many find amazing freedom after one session. It is part of Set Free’s commitment to setting the captives free as outlined in Isaiah 61. To make an appointment call our office at: 541-773-4004.

  • 541.773.4004

Celebrate Recovery

Set Free started Celebrate Recovery meetings (A Christian 12-Step Recovery Ministry) to serve the valley in February 1998. Each Thursday at 6:30 pm Rogue Valley residents come to find help with their hurts, habits and hang-ups. These meetings share Biblical insights to overcoming any and all addictive behavior. 12-Step study groups have helped men and women find the freedom they are looking for. Celebrate Recovery has served thousands through the years

  • 541.773.4004

God’s Food Pantry

God’s Food Pantry started when a single mother of five tithed her food stamps in 1997. The food filled up a small cupboard. Today as part of the Access Food Pantry organization God’s Food Pantry serves up to 150 people a week (nearly 7,000 people a year) with 3-5 days of food. The needs are great and continue to grow as we serve families who need a little extra help. We don’t have enough storage now and have to turn food away! We serve Fridays from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

Set Free Ministry

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Set Free Ministry

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